A laptop and mobile phone showing the homepage of the new United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii website. The website shows a mother standing beside her young son who has cerebral palsy. They are both smiling.

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaiʻi Launches Redesigned Website

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawai‘i is a non-profit organization dedicated to positively affecting the quality of life for children and adults with cerebral palsy or other disabilities with similar service needs. Nimbus Unlimited had the privilege of collaborating with the organization’s design agency to create a website that would meet the needs of multiple audiences and tell a more complete story about the good work the United Cerebral Palsy – Hawaiʻi does for its community.


The redesigned website launched in July 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic during a time where it was more important than ever for a non-profit organization to be able to effectively communicate with the community it serves and the people who support them.


“It was important to us for the new online home to tell our full story and become a resource for all the members of our community, from the persons with disabilities and their family and caretakers, to the donors and volunteers who help to support our services and programs,” said Keane Akao, Executive Director of United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaiʻi.


The new website features:

  • Streamlined design and navigation
  • News updates and upcoming events
  • More information about Cerebral Palsy and the community we serve
  • Resources for clothing drive partners
  • More ways to give


See the new website.


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